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I have been studying at the International British School in Moscow since I was 3 years old, and I know English as well as Russian

In the new academic year, I plan to continue my studies in England and want to start making vlogs about my life in a new country
I studied acting in several television and acting studios in Moscow. Now I am actively engaged in speech techniques. I want to develop further. My dream is to go to an acting studio in England.
I love modern dance. I spend a lot of time doing cover dance. I'm the leader of the HEAT team. We do K POP covers, perform at festivals, and streams.
I'm a reporter for WBC Media. I interview famous people, actors, and entrepreneurs. I attend business forums, attend SPIEF for 3 years in a row, participated in REW week and a number of social events as a media outlet. This year, in addition to SPIEF and Startup Village, I plan to attend INNOPROM.
I study at the KidsDev Business School, where I train entrepreneurship, efficiency, leadership and communication skills. Completed internships in the best companies in their industries, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Megafon, Kaspersky, etc. My project and I were mentioned in a Forbes article about the founder of our business school. In addition to studying, I plan to participate in the school's volunteer programs.
I like to ride a pit bike and quad bike sometimes! It gives me energy, I relax and enjoy myself!
I wrote my own book "Business at 13" to inspire young people to develop and become independent. To show how it is possible, regardless of age, to take responsibility and achieve your goals and desires.”
The answers to these and other questions are written in my book in a simple and understandable language. It contains everything you need, from creating an idea to promoting projects and planning for the future
«Business at 13»
Electronic book: 428 rub
How do you come up with a good idea that will make money?

What qualities do you need to develop in order to be successful and unique?

How do you talk to your mom and dad to encourage them to support your project?

How do I identify my target audience and register a project?
I wrote a book about how teenagers can create their own project and start earning money.
Audio book: 328 rub
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